Our History

How the club was formed

The first public baths were opened in June 1879 but the town did not take ownership until 1893 purchased for £1,400.

In 1903 a fire devastated the baths and with the Schools Swimming Association calling for a new pool in the town that is when the second pool was built as we know it as “The Old Baths” it was opened 10th April 1911 by the Mayor Alderman A S Bury. (The club to this day still use His donated trophy).

The towns committee appointed a male and female instructor and with this an increase in swimming became apparent.  The Schools Swimming Association held their Annual gala there in April and following that the Accrington Borough Swimming Club was founded, where its headquarters stayed .

They had exclusive use of the baths two evenings a week and became members of the North Lancashire Polo and Squadron League.

As the Swimming Club moved away from the towns ownership and the Club dropped the word Borough out of its name not an exact date for this but it is believed to be late 1950s early 1960s.

We are a voluntary, family orientated community club not as competitive as some clubs but non nor less all qualified and affiliated to the ASA

We now have nearly 120 members whose ages range from 5 years to over 60 years. And swim three days a week at Hyndburn Leisure Centre.

Our swimmers abilities range from non-swimmers to gala squad swimmers. We also have a Masters group for the older swimmer.

Swimmers after they reach a certain standard and particularly those who succeed in the Club Championship are expected and encouraged to participate in the Friendly League Galas. Besides these galas the club also offers training in Water Skills, Personal Survival Skills, and Life Saving Skills and encourages distance swim certificates.

The Club aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment, recognizing the uniqueness of individuals and together with other swimming organisations provide a quality of swimming that offers opportunities for the potential of each person to be realised.

Our aim is that all our swimmers should feel safe and happy at the Club and in the water environment.
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