Welcome to Accrington Swimming Club

As a community swimming club, we rely on volunteers and strive to create an inclusive and family-friendly environment. Our home pool is located at Hyndburn Leisure Centre, and we are affiliated with Swim England (North West).

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Our Groups

Encouraging all Swimmers

Our club's primary objective is to create a secure and pleasurable atmosphere that acknowledges the distinctiveness of each individual and facilitates the development of their potential. We aim to provide a high-quality swimming experience that enables every person to unlock their abilities to the fullest.


Our swimming club adheres to Swim England's National Plan for Teaching Swimming, and we offer lessons starting from Stage 1 and progressing up to Stage 7.


Swimmers can expand their skill set beyond the Learn to Swim award scheme by learning advanced techniques and practising distance swimming.


At this point, we offer swimmers the chance to participate in a local friendly league swimming gala, providing them with an opportunity to apply and showcase their acquired skills.

Adult Swimmers

We offer our members aged 21 and above the chance to swim independently with others, giving them control over their swimming experience.